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Why Attend? CEEC delegates have the opportunity to interact with students across Canada with a shared interest in environmental sustainability. At CEEC, you will be immersed in a weekend of case competitions, networking sessions, speaker panels, workshops and socials, all designed to make the conference a truly exceptional and inspirational experience.

  • Cheap avodart, Buy generic avodart online

    CEEC 2015 Delegate
  • “I really like how CEEC has delegates from many different faculties and schools. This creates a dynamic atmosphere and as a result I was able to learn from not only the speakers but from many of the delegates as well. ”

    CEEC 2015 Delegate
  • “This was probably one of the most inspiring weekends I have ever had. I think extending it to 3 days was a wise move and even then every day was packed! But honestly, best conference I’ve ever attended.”

    CEEC 2015 Delegate