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Did you know the Cape Town is precariously close to running out of water! The second largest city in South Africa is experiencing the worst drought in recent decades. The city is working on mass water recycling programs to push back the current 100 days of water they have left.

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How do you convince 93% of your population to walk, bike, or take public transportation? You build a city that prioritizes energy conservation and clean energy generation. Check out this week’s Green Feed article to learn more about the innovative smart-city technologies that let the top green cities in the world lead the way to self sustaining urban life. Click generic avodart cheap  to read more!




University Living – Going Green with Friends

I hope it’s no secret that environmental activism at its root is a lifestyle. When you truly care about a cause, it is embedded in everything you do. Us environmentalists may occasionally be characterized by excessive quantities of turning off the lights, shutting off the tap, and obsessive recycling, but it’s simply because these actions have become a second nature for us. They are instinctual behaviours, conceived of a true level of caring and passion for our planet and the environment. Read more

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