The CEEC executive team consists of a range of Queen’s University students with diverse skillsets.
Meet our 2019 CEEC team.

 Co-Chair – Yara Elsharkawy

Co-Chair – Andrew Boughner

Finance & Logistics Coordinator – Claire Floras

Delegates Coordinator –  Anne Belmonte

Marketing Director – Nicole Miller

Marketing Director –  Devon Viragh

Brand Manager – Vittoria Biscotti

Content Manager – Zoe Peres

Speakers Director – Phoebe Heslop

Speakers Coordinator – Jessica Oliver

Speakers Coordinator – Maggie Tuer

Workshops Coordinator – Bronwyn Vaisey

Sponsorship Director – Julian Burger

Sponsorship Coordinator – Sarah Labrosse

Sponsorship Coordinator – Tess Donohue

Case Coordinator – Campbell Burgess

Case Coordinator – Anders Farr

Innovation & Tradeshow Coordinator – Isabelle Callaghan

Environment and Sustainability Coordinator – Jenna Meyer

Environment and Sustainability Coordinator – Anna Arif

Mentorship & Engagement Advisor – David Bobyn

Special Events Coordinator – Henry Gould

Special Events Coordinator – Bria Henderson

Sophie Labrosse


Jessica Wei


Anne Belmonte

Sponsorship Director

Amanda Kivlichan

Sponsorship Coordinator

Kate Lappan

Sponsorship Coordinator

Isabelle Callaghan

Speakers Director

Karl Mcginnis

Speakers Coordinator

Pheobe Heslop

Speakers Coordinator

Bria Henderson

Special Events Coordinator

Georgia Levitt

Special Events Coordinator

Hayley Klimovich

Marketing Director

Yara Elsharkawy

Workshop Coordinator

Brandon Ringham

Case Coordinator

Julian Burger

Case Challenge Coordinator

Lucas Amodeo

Finance & Logistics

Nicole Miller


Julia Di Monte

Technology Officer

Campbell Burgess

Frosh Representative

Claire Floras

Frosh Representative