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The CEEC executive team consists of a range of Queen’s University students with diverse skillsets.
Meet our 2019 CEEC team.

Jess WeiSophie Labrosse – Co-Chairs

Andrew Boughner – Alumni & Mentorship

Isabelle Callaghan – Speakers Director
Karl McGinnis & Phoebe Heslop – Speakers Coordinators

JJ Harrison Delegates Coordinator

Ella Ching & Phoebe Heslop – Innovation & Engagement Coordinators

Anne Belmonte – Sponsorship Director
Amanda Kivlichan & Kate Lappan – Sponsorship Coordinators

Hayley Klimovich – Marketing Director

Yara Elsharkawy – Workshops Coordinator

Julia Di Monte – Technology Officer

Brandon Ringham & Julian Burger -Case Challenge Coordinators

Nicole Miller – Publications

Lucas Amodeo – Logs & Finance

Georgia Levitt & Bria Henderson – Special Events Coordinator

Campbell Burgess & Claire Floras – Frosh Representatives

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Buy brand avodart online - Buy avodart in australia


Jessica Wei


Anne Belmonte

Sponsorship Director

Amanda Kivlichan

Sponsorship Coordinator

Kate Lappan

Sponsorship Coordinator

Isabelle Callaghan

Speakers Director

Karl Mcginnis

Speakers Coordinator

Pheobe Heslop

Speakers Coordinator

Bria Henderson

Special Events Coordinator

Georgia Levitt

Special Events Coordinator

Hayley Klimovich

Marketing Director

Yara Elsharkawy

Workshop Coordinator

Brandon Ringham

Case Coordinator

Julian Burger

Case Challenge Coordinator

Lucas Amodeo

Finance & Logistics

Nicole Miller


Julia Di Monte

Technology Officer

Campbell Burgess

Frosh Representative

Claire Floras

Frosh Representative