We Are Sustainability

March 4th to March 7th, 2021


About Us

We are the Commerce & Engineering Environmental Conference held at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. As the premier undergraduate sustainability conference in Canada, we aim to expose delegates to the rapidly expanding and disruptive green industry, an area with substantial economic and social impact. CEEC explores the business opportunities and technology that will allow for the next generation of great companies to lead us into a world that is built upon renewable energy and other green innovation.

CEEC 2020 Theme – 2 Degrees: Quantifying Our Reality

2 degrees is the universally-recognized limit that global temperatures can increase. This is a fine line before we trigger a series of unstoppable environmental disasters. It is time to stop analyzing our situation and start acting towards solutions. In our 30th year, CEEC will spark discussions about the reality of our current ecological crisis. Through fostering a unified approach, we will drive activism and stewardship by connecting today’s experts with tomorrow’s  leaders.

Click here for a video on the 2020 theme.


What CEEC Has to Offer



Keynote Speakers: CEEC discusses a variety of topics ranging from sustainable technological innovations to cultural changes in society that would reduce our carbon footprint. Each year, CEEC works to find high-profile keynote speakers to discuss relevant topics related to climate change and the environment. These individuals discuss how their industry approaches sustainability and what their next steps are moving forward.

Speakers Panel: The speaker’s panel at CEEC revolves around a specific topic each year. The goal is to develop questions around the topic and spark conversation. The multiple panelists with diverse background  knowledge and varying skill sets allow for well rounded debates that offer new perspectives.

Case Competition: CEEC’s case competition brings delegates together in order to critically debate and gain an in-depth understanding of  fundamental business challenges that sustainable companies may face.

Innovation Competition: The Innovation Competition is a chance for CEEC delegates to showcase their creativity and compete to get their innovative and sustainable product chosen as the conference winner.

Workshops: CEEC workshops provide delegates with the opportunity to learn from professionals working in sustainable industries. Workshops uniquely provide a dynamic and hands-on environment to facilitate a more interactive way of learning and networking.

Trade Show: CEEC’s Trade Show brings together CEEC’s participating partners and our delegates. It is an amazing opportunity for partners to show case their business and for delegates to network with potential employers.

Socials: During CEEC you can expect lively and themed socials each night with all delegates at various venues around Kingston. This provides delegates with the opportunity to bond in a relaxed environment.

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